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Crammin' Them Herbs: The History of Bitters

Ever added a dash of bitters to your cocktail? Have you ever stopped and wondered where bitters came from? Well haven't we got a surprise for you! In today's episode of the Tipsy Timeline we look at the history of bitters from its start as a flavor enhancer in Ancient Egypt to its use as medicine in 15th century England.

Reverse, Reverse! The Un-History of the IPA

This week on the Tipsy Timeline we discuss the most misunderstood of beer styles...the IPA. Where did it come from? Who invented it? Why all the hops? And why is everything you've heard on brewery tours totally incorrect? Find out the answers to all of that on this week's Tipsy Timeline!

Pentuple Threat: The Olympic Booze Games

The Olympic Games, everyone knows it as the premier global sporting event the world-over. But when you think of the Olympics do you think about alcohol? In today’s episode we take a look at the alcohol fueled history of the Olympics including: wine aid stations, drunken marathons, and the first drug enforcement casualty. All this and more on this episode of the Tipsy Timeline!

Artillery Bear: Story of Wojtek

This week on the Tipsy Timeline we discuss a fascinating corner of WWII history. He's a 500-pound, fun-loving, hard-working, beer-drinking champion. And of course, he's a bear. Find out what on Earth this means, how he became one of WWII's most famous soldiers, and how he still captures hearts and minds. Join us for this week's Tipsy Timeline!

Budd Mead: Norse Mythology and the Mead of Poetry

This week we take a flexible view of history and explore the fascinating world of Norse mythology. In a world of warriors, eagles, and poets. We explore a world where a magical mead has wonderful effects. But of course it's Norse mythology, so the story isn't going to be tame! Join us on this fantastical-take on history as we explore the world's most famous mead: The Mead of Poetry.

Wheat Beat: The Reinheitsgebot

This week on The Tipsy Timeline we discuss one of the oldest on-the-books alcohol laws in the world. The Reinheitsgebot! Originally a Bavarian law that moved on to unified Germany, this law from 1516 is widely misunderstood outside Germany and has a fascinating history. Join us as we talk about the story, the context of the time, and how it's evolved over the following 500 years. Join us to learn about beer, law, and protectionism this week on The Tipsy Timeline!

Mattress Venmo: When Pubs Saved Ireland

Banks, few people love them but most of us agree that we need them...or do we? What if the banks all shut down at once? What would happen if we did our banking at...pubs? Well in this episode, we answer these questions and look at the history of the 1970 Irish banking strike and what happened when the pubs became the banks...

Jurassic Grapes: History of Merlot

This week we discuss the history of the Merlot grape and its lovely wine as a way to experience how strange and interesting wine trends can be. What causes wine to be more or less popular? And how do things get thrown sideways sometimes? Find out this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Day of the Diaz! How Cinco de Mayo Came to America

Cinco de Mayo. Every year, thousands of Americans don their sombreros, eat tacos, shoot tequila, and celebrate the 5th of May with reckless abandon. But, why? Why has America embraced this seemingly inconsequential Mexcan holiday as one of its largest "drinking holidays" ever? In today's Tipsy Timeline, James and Cory answer this question and more! 

Death Driveway: George Remus' Bootleg Empire

On today's Tipsy Timeline we run down the story of George Remus. Layer, bootlegger, party man, and dare we say Gatsby? In the early '20s, Mr. Remus ran one of America's most famous and infamous bootlegging rings. And that's not even the most wild part of his story! Hear the hows, whys, and WTFs of one of America's most infamous bootleggers on today's Tipsy Timeline!

No Anubis?! The Surprising History of Pouring One Out

Who doesn't love a good drink every now and then? Nothing quite like having a a few drinks with a couple of homies, but sometimes you need to tip one out for the homies who are no longer with us. You've seen it in movies and shows, but have you ever wondered where "pouring one out" came from? Would you believe it has thousands of years of history behind it? Because it does! From the Egyptians to the Romans, pouring one out has a rich history that you need to hear to believe! 

Medicine, Myth, and Murder: Absinthe

This week we discuss the history of one of history's most infamous spirits...absinthe! Absinthe to this day carries some mystique after being illegal in several Western countries for decades. But why was it banned? Why should I care? Why is the word "murder" in the title? Did it really cause hallucinations or something? And what the heck is absinthe anyway? The answers to all of these questions can be had this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Zygotes and Ziggurats: History of Hard Cider

Welcome to the Episode 37 of the Tipsy Timeline! Have you ever wondered where hard apple cider come from? Well in today's episode we'll discuss the fascinating history (and biology!) of hard ciders and how they came to be so popular!

Putting it Wildly: History of Homebrew

This week we talk about the history of homebrewing in America. We trace its origins back from household chore, to expert skill, and its glorious rise from the (nearly) dead. Lots of factors left their mark on this now-trendy hobby. German immigrants, the Civil War, and things get real weird during Prohibition. Join us this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Shoot Your Shot: History of Gin and Tonic

This week we look into one of history's most intriguing "lemons into lemonade" moments. We'll discuss how malaria led to the invention of the Gin and Tonic! We cover malaria medicine, how bad it tasted, and how a little gin turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Join us this week on The Tipsy Timeline!

Tar Treatment: The Whiskey Rebellion

The year: 1791. The place: Pennsylvania. The Issue: Taxes. How little times have changed. Only now in 2020, things are settled a little differently! This week's issue is the PA Whiskey Rebellion where a group of angry settlers stress test the authority of a brand new American government in the name of freedom, financial interests, and whiskey. Join us for the full story on this week's Tipsy Timeline.

Shovels & Cuddles: History of Steam Beers

In this episode, we travel to California’s gold rush to explore the mysterious history of steam beers. What are they? Where did they get the name? Why are prospectors so damn thirsty all the time? Join us in today’s episode to find out!

Drunk In Chief: Feelin' Cute

This week on the Tipsy Timeline we discuss what it means when a sitting president is incapacitated. And how exactly would we define incapacitated? What if that means...too drunk? We examine the real world implications of some specific scenarios with President Richard Nixon! Find out what exactly happens when a President is a little too Tipsy. Join us on today's Timeline!

Spirit of the Toe: The Sour Toe Cocktail

In today's Tipsy Timeline we find out what a Sour Toe Cocktail is, how it came about, and why you have to have one. Join us for this fascinatingly bizarre piece of history. We know this is a short description, but we'd hate to spoil the surprise!

Doctor Beer: History of Meat Stouts

Who doesn’t like a nice stout when the weather gets colder? But how would you like…a meat stout? Don’t know what that is? Well in today’s episode of the Tipsy Timeline you are going to learn about the history of the meat stout! Come join us for a story and join us for a drink, cheers!

The Iceman Cometh: History of Cocktails

This week we correct a glaring omission in the canon of The Tipsy Timeline. Have you stopped to wonder how humans created the cocktail? That's right...the whole concept of cocktails. It had to come from somewhere, right?! Find out where this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Royal Wrestling: The Party That Started a War

King Henry VIII, a man known for a tremendous appetite, founding his own religion, and marrying (and violently divorcing) a shocking number of wives. But have you ever heard of Henry VIII, the barroom brawler? Now that’s a story worth hearing! So join us in this episode as we talk about the wrestling match that ignited a war across the European continent. Cheers!

Beer Pulp: The Surprising History of Straws

500 million straws are used in the U.S….Every. Single. DAY! But where did straws even come from? They have been in the news a lot lately, but who made them and why? Did you know that the first straws were used 5,000 years ago…for beer! In this episode, James and Cory talk about the fascinating history of where straws came from. So come join us for a story and come join us for a drink!

A Little Fatal: Bottled in Bond

On the first podcast of the year 2020, we take a step back and discuss the history of whiskey that's "bottled in bond." What does it mean, why do you care, and how did it start in the first place? Find out this week on The Tipsy Timeline!

The Templar Kitchen: Holiday Spices & Alcohol

Here's a stocking stuffer for you: the third installment of our holiday themed Tipsy Timeline. In this week's episode, we ask the question, WHY spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise are considered winter spices and how did they end up in our holiday cocktails?? Tune in to find out on this episode of the Tipsy Timeline!

2 Pounds?! Mulled Wine

This week on the Tipsy Timeline we explore another Holiday classic beverage. Something enjoyed throughout history during cold winter months and during times of celebration. Mulled wine! Join us to find out how humanity stumbled onto this drink today on the Tipsy Timeline!

Norse Canary: History of Winter Beers

Tis the season for Tipsy history! In the first episode of our holiday specials, we talk about the history of Winter Beers. We look at where they came from, how they got their name, and where the Vikings fit in. Listen on in to find out more!

One Drunk Pig: The Great London Beer Flood

This week on the Tipsy Timeline, we discuss pigs, porters, and poor construction. Or is that pour construction? No, it's not. We'll discuss damaging and historic floods in London, and a bonus trip to Manchester! Join us this week on the Tipsy Timeline

Advanced Shovel Technology: History of Malts

This week on The Tipsy Timeline, we discuss Malts, and what on Earth possessed people to make different kinds of malts. Turns out the history of malts is surprisingly interesting! Pale malt, chocolate malt, and patent malt all get their due this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

7th Gen Badass: Jack Daniels and Nathan Greene

This week we discuss a young man named Jack Daniels, and the man who helped Jack Daniels reach the heights it did. Master distiller Nathan Greene. A story of love, friendship, and a misunderstanding of exactly when the Civil War happened. But maybe that's OUR fault. Find out all these things and the history of Jack Daniels' famous distiller this week on the Tipsy Timeline.

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