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Floc-you-later: Lager Yeast

We talk a lot about beer, but we don't often talk about yeast. Specifically lager yeast. What makes it different, where did it come from, who used it first, and what DON'T we know? Find out all about lager yeast's mysterious past this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Veuve on the Move: Champagne Pt III

It's what we've all been waiting for, the stunning conclusion to the Tipsy Timelines' very first three part history event! In this episode, we tell the tale of one of champagne's most important historical figures. We talk about her (sort of) humble beginnings and her lifelong quest to beat the odds and become one of the all champagne greats.

Tom Perignon: Champagne Pt II

It's Part Deux of the history of champagne. In this episode, we introduce the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Dom Perignon himself! You have heard the name, now it is time to meet the legend. In a surprising turn of events, we learn that the Dom may not have loved the champagne today that bears his name. We also talk about his many, many contributions to the art and craft of champagne creation. All this and more in this episode of the Tipsy Timeline - cheers!

Augustus Appleseed: Champagne Pt1

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Tipsy Timeline! To celebrate this momentous occasion we taste the stars and explore the history of the world's go-to celebratory drink: Champagne. So join us in part 1 of our three part series on the history of champagne. In this episode we will take a closer look at champagne's less than glamorous beginnings, chart its royal rise to fame, and do a little mythbusting. So grab a drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Cheers!

Pump the Worm: Draft Beer's Birth

This week we take a carbonated journey through beer's storage and wind up one of life's unasked questions. A question you probably never asked yourself. How and why did we start putting beer on draft? Were they solving a problem? Why is it still a thing? Find out the answers to this and more on today's Tipsy Timeline

Drunken White Hat: The Congressional Bootlegger

In today's Tipsy Timeline we talk about another classic political case of "laws for thee, not for me" as we talk about a notorious Washington DC character: The Man in the Green Hat. Join us as we explore the rise, fall, and rise again of Washington DC's most prolific bootlegger.

Busy Goths: Modern Wine Distribution

Imagine a world where you can ONLY buy local wine. Or only wine made in your country? Doesn't that beg the question...when did International wine trade start? Who started it? And how did certain countries pick up their international reputations for wine? The culprit may be different from what you expect. Find out the answer to all of this and more as we discuss modern(ish) wine distributions this week on The Tipsy Timeline!

Cats & Barrels: The Industrial Beer Revolution

What comes to mind when you hear the words, "Industrial Revolution"? An image of billowing black clouds smoke, vast increases in productivity at the expense of the working poor, and probably Oliver Twist. But what about beer? In this episode, we explore the chicken-and-egg relationship between the mass production of beer and the unbelievable increase in productivity of the English Industrial Revolution.  If you like this show, consider buying us a coffee (or beer) by going to https://www.patreon.com/maltsinyourmouth. 

Liquor Stew: Educated Guesses on Caipirinha

Let's travel back to Central America to talk about the national cocktail of Brazil: Caipirinha! In this episode we explore the many theories of how this cocktail came to be. From the strange to the unlikely, we take a look at it all. No theoretical rock will be left unturned in our quest for boozy knowledge! So come join us for another exciting episode of the Tipsy Timeline!

Ir-"ISH": Birth of the Irish Red Ale

Riddle me this: What's wet, bottled, and red all over? If you answered "an Irish Red Ale," then first of all...wow, that's impressive. Second, you probably have a good idea what this episode is about! So join us as we explore the twisting history of this strange brew. As the story of the Irish Red Ale takes us from the emerald isle to the blue mountains.

The Spirit Stick: Brazilian Cachaça

Today we explore the history and profile of a lesser-known liquor in America. Many countries have home-grown truly unique regional specialties. Mexico has tequila, France has Champagne, and Brazil has Cachaça. Join us to learn all about cachaça. What is it, how important is it, and how did it come to be? Find out all that and more on today's Tipsy Timeline!

The Connecticut Glaciers: When Seltzers Took Over

Have you been noticing those hard seltzers that have been showing up on the liquor store shelves lately? Of course you have. Everyone and their mother makes a seltzer! But where did they all come from? Who was the OG seltzer? And what the heck is a hard seltzer anyway? All these questions and more will be answered in this episode of the Tipsy Timeline. Cheers!

New Realm, Who Dis: Tequila's Origin

Get your salt shakers ready, because in today's Tipsy Timeline we explore the origin and evolution of one of the world's most famous spirits: Tequila. In the sister episode to our episode on the history of mezcal (check out the episode, titled "Right in the Pina"), we uncover the who, what, when, and where of the tequila origin story. We talk about tequila's humble beginnings and eventual rise to world powerhouse. So come join us as we explore another Tipsy Timeline. Cheers!

The Maltiverse: Zima's Demise

Today's Tipsy Timeline talks about a brand new category for us, starting with its (in)famous parentage: Zima! What was it? Why was it made? Why was it the butt of everyone's jokes? And why may this simply be a colossal marketing fail? Find out the modern story and all-too-relevant lessons of the launch and fall of Zima.

Right in the Pina: Mezcal

This week we go where too few others have gone before: Mezcal. Take a trip with us to explore the rich heritage of Mezcal. Where does it come from? Is it different than tequila? And what does chewing and spitting have to do with it? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Tipsy Timeline!

Peter the Guy: Glorious Soviet Champagne

Much has been said about the Soviet party's rule in Russia - including by us at the Tipsy Timeline. But you know what hasn't been talked about much? Soviet Champagne! In today's Tipsy Timeline, we look at this strange Soviet drink. We take a close inspection of its origins and purpose, its rise, and where it is today. So come join us on the Tipsy Timeline as we continue our explorations of alcohol flavored history. Cheers!

Upstate Mesopotamia: Inventing Cocktail Recipes

With today's litany of specialty cocktail books and Instagramable recipes, have you ever stopped to consider their origin? When did cocktail recipes standardize and who wrote the first official books? How did this grand tradition start? Today we explore the first cocktail recipes and the origin of the written recipe. Join us on this week's Tipsy Timeline!

Tubby Tony: Birth of the Gay Bar

Have you ever wondered what the Roman Catholic Church, the American mafia, and the Pride Parade all have in common? Surprisingly, the answer is gay bars. In today's Tipsy Timeline we take the opportunity to explore the interesting and often depressing historical events that necessitated the need for a gay specific bars throughout history. 

A Louse-y Story: Cognac's Wild Ride

This week's episode enjoys a glass of brandy as a warm-up to the main event: cognac! From Napoleon to jazz, cognac has a rich history ready to be distilled for your enjoyment. Wars, exile, expats, music, and a fantastic modern twist. Join us on the journey of Cognac this week on the Tipsy Timeline.

Still Fugglin': The Hop Cultivation Revolution

Hops, a foundational ingredient in every beer we drink . From stouts to saisons, hops are in them all - and for good reason. They give the beer character and depth; they give it flavors from lemon to resin. But it wasn't always this way. For a long time beermakers didn't even know there were different hops, much less how to use them. So this is the story of how it all began and the two hop revolutions that changed the world. Welcome to the Tipsy Timeline! 

#83 Drive or Die: From Moonshine to Stock Cars

Moonshine, a word that brings to mind certain imagery when you hear it. Is that a banjo I hear? But what do we really know about moonshine anyway? Is it all just overalls and radiator whiskey or is there a broader story? In today's Tipsy Timeline, we talk not just about the history of moonshine, but also the famous sport that it helped to create. How did moonshine create a sport that millions of Americans watch every year? Tune in and find out on the Tipsy Timeline. Cheers! 

Mid-Level Shogun: Japanese Whisky

Following up a little on last week's discussion of Japanese Oak, we discuss the hows and whys of Japanese whisky. When did Japan start producing whisky? Who started it? Why is it so often compared to Scotch? How did it get so popular? Does it have a secret? Find out the answers to these and more on today's Tipsy Timeline!

Rab-Bots Rising: Japanese Whisky's Edge

In today's Tipsy Timeline we talk about a place that has recently become popular for their whisky. No, not Scotland. Nope, not Ireland either. United States? Wrong again! Today we are talking about Japan! But specifically we are talking about the barrel that put them on the map. The barrel (and economic policies) that took them from desolation post-WWII to global whisky powerhouse. All this and more in this episode of the Tipsy Timeline!

Award Winning Poison: California Wine Part II

This episode picks up where we left in Part 1! Picking up in prohibition, we talk about how wineries survived, where it started to get used, and some of the less savory tactics employed. But that's not all, when did California wine become good? When did it become popular? How did all that even happen with countries like Italy and France dominating the market? Find out all of this on today's Tipsy Timeline.

Wet and Nutritious: California's Wine History Part I

Episode 79: California is the heartland of America's winemaking industry. It makes world class wines that are revered from Paris to Beijing. But have you ever stopped and wondered "why"? How did California become the wine capital of the United States? How did it go from coastal colony to one of the largest wine meccas in the world, home to name brand such as Sonoma and Napa Valley? Well, in the first of our history of California wine two parter, we talk the monks, miners, soldiers, and horitcultures who made California wine what it is today!

Put Back the Bones: The Most Dangerous Brewery

Starting a brewery, a seemingly simple business venture. But what if we were to tell you that there was one brewery that sought to make beer despite disease, earthquakes, and massacres. Cursed? Maybe. Exciting? Definitely! Today, we're talking about history's most dangerous brewery!

Big Swinging Whisky: How Scotch Conquered the World

This week we push ourselves into the world of perception, opinion, and prohibition. Why is Scotch Whisky given such high esteem? Why are other whiskeys put on hold to chase after the high-end of scotch? And is that as true today as it used to be? Find out how Scotch managed to propel itself into the forefront of American consciousness this week on the Tipsy Timeline

From Pepsi With Love: A Surprise Navy

Ah yes, the Cold War; A time in world history that is rife with political intrigue, spycraft, nuclear terrors, and...Pepsi? Join us in today's episode to see how vodka, soft drinks, and an opportune photoshoot went on to create one of the largest Navies in the world. All this and more on the Tipsy Timeline. Cheers!

Olive Bathtub: The Birth of the Martini

"Shaken, not stirred," three simple words that summon up so many images. James Bond, spycraft, casinos, sophistication, and of course the martini! In today's episode of the Tipsy Timeline, we explore the mysterious history of one of America's most iconic cocktails, the martini. So grab a glass, sit yourself down, and prepare to enjoy another episode of the Tipsy Timeline. Cheers! 

Hard to Blow: Wine Bottles

How did the wine bottle evolve, and why do we still have several typical shapes? In today's episodes we explore the history of glass, which we've touched on in previous shows. But we take things a step further into world of glass bottles, technology, marketing, and the practical economics of international shipping that brought us the modern wine bottle. Join us on Tipsy Timeline to see the whole story!

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