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Vatican Bear: The Oldest Alcohol Brand

There are many bold claims made in the alcohol world. The boldest of which, in our opinion, is which alcohol brand is the oldest. In this episode, Cory and I delve into the murky waters of what constitutes "oldest" and try to ferret out which alcohol brand truly deserves the title. Because at the end of the day, there can only be one!

Colonial Disco: Why 21?

In this episode we answer the question that every 18 year old in the United States has asked at one point or another: Why is the U.S. drinking age 21 years old? If you are old enough to vote, go to war, and own land then certainly you must be old enough to drink, right?! Right? Well in today's episode, we set out to answer (and perhaps even challenge) that question. From colonial tabletops to Midwest highways, we will leave no stone unturned as dive into this surprising story. Enjoy!

Romancing the Shine: Bootlegger Lewis Redmon

What kind of man has legendary chutzpah, a booze empire, and a hatred of taxes? That would be our new bootlegger friend Lewis Redmond! Find out his hows and whys, and how he eventually started working with the federal government and earning an honest living. This and more on today's Tipsy Timeline!

Original Ghosting: The Bahama Queen

We have spent a lot of time in the Tipsy Timeline talking about Prohibition. We have talked about the many rum runners, bootleggers, and moonshiners who came sprouted out and shot straight into infamy. Well today's episode we are looking at the story of one of the most successful and notorious queenpins in the bootlegging business: the Bahama Queen. So join us as we take a look at her rum soaked rags to riches story in todays Tipsy Timeline!

Desperate Enough: Angostura Bitters

On today's episode of the Tipsy Timeline we take a step back and look at one of the most common cocktail ingredients in the Western world. Bitters! And no doubt we've all seen one brand in particular. It's synonymous with "bitters" generically and practically the default option. Today we look at Angostura bitters. What is it and why is it so ubiquitous? Find out the answers to this and more on today's Tipsy Timeline!

7-Minute Serfdom: Non-Alcoholic Beers

Today's Tipsy Timeline tags us on a few zips and zags through history that takes us across multiple continents, centuries, and wars. All to answer the question: Why are non-alcoholic beers popular around the world but NOT in the United States? We follow that question closely with another: Why are non-alcoholic beers (and alcohol in general) starting to gain popularity in the US of A? Well never fear, for these questions and more will be answered in today's episode of the Tipsy Timeline

Treason Adjacent: A Rum Rebellion

Today's story takes place in New Holland, or as we know it now, Australia. It's a story of currency, monopoly, power, and some classic abuse of all three. We discuss the power of rum and the English military during the time of Australia's English rule. As it turns out, power is a fickle thing. Find out the story of Australia's Rum Rebellion on today's Tipsy Timeline.

Liquid Wonder Bread: Budweiser Rising

Today we are going to step away from our preconceived notions and talk about the world's most consumed beer brand...Budweiser! Have you ever wondered how Budweiser products have become ubiquitous? Even if you wouldn't be caught dead with a Bud Light in your hand there's a good chance you know who Budweiser is. In today's Tipsy Timeline, we explore the surprising history of how Budweiser came from humble beginnings to become the powerhouse it is today. So sit back, grab your beer of choice, and join us on another exciting episode of the Tipsy Timeline. Cheers!

Iowan Standoff: The Beer Riots

In today's episode we talk about unintended consequences. In the state of Iowa, long before the implementation of The Volstead Act and Prohibition, there was a push to ban alcohol. This push was met with resistance. Resistance that would culminate in a infamous night of bloodshed and brews. So pour yourself a glass and join us for this episode of the Tipsy Timeline!

Monopolistic Penguins: How Ice Got in Your Glass

Have you ever held a cool, refreshing cocktail in your hands and thought, "I sure wish this was room temperature"? No? Well let's just say you have one man to thank for that. In this episode of the Tipsy Timeline, we look at a world before ice machines, ice cubes, and refrigeration. We explore what the trials, tribulations, and guts it took to make it happen. So grab a glass, pour a drink, and add some ice as we take you on another Tipsy adventure through history.

So Sticky: Champagne Celebration Sprays

Ever wonder where the champagne shower came from? Why do people spray expensive bottles of champagne at the end of racing events? Find out where this tradition got started on today's Tipsy Timeline!

Nah, Brah: How to Ignore Prohibition

We've all heard about American prohibition. But what would it look like if a city never enforced it? What would it look like if bars never closed and police never arrested anybody for anything? Well it turns out we have an answer! Journey with us today to look at the history of "TJ" Pendergast and how Kansas City kept up business as usual. A rise and fall of political positioning this week's Tipsy Timeline!

Dr Frenchman: Longworth Sparkling Wine

On today's episode we tell an interesting development in American wine. It turns out that America's struggling wine industry was turned around by a fascinating individual. A lawyer, philanthropist, temperance advocate, and horticulturalist. And he founded America's first commercially successful winery in...Ohio? Yes, find out the story of Nicholas Longworth and America's first commercially successful winery right here on today's Tipsy Timeline.

Sack Slap: The Evolution of Sherry

In today's episode we discuss the shockingly interesting of a drink many folks have never tried. It passed through the hands of 6 distinct cultures and evolved over thousands of years. Pack your bags and get ready to travel through the history of Spain's famous fortified wine. That's right, it's Sherry time!

Benny & Benne: Miner's Club Benedictine

We've covered the history of Benedictine, but what about the history inspired by Benedictine? Today we take an interesting journey through one group's love of this drink, and how a small British club became the biggest purchaser of Benedictine in the world. Small towns, big wars, travels, trials, lads and liquors all on today's Tipsy Timeline.

CIA of Grapes: Dr. Konstantin Franck

We teased the story of the mysterious historical figure who is single handedly responsible for turning The Finger Lakes into the wine mecca that it is in back in the episode, 'Frasier of Grapes'. Today we deliver the goods and give you the whole story as we recount the cinema-worthy life of the great Dr. Konstantin Franck. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some booze flavored history. Cheers!

Kentucky Fried Monk: Lies of Benedictine

Today we discuss a classic herbaceous liqueur. This bartender staple has been around for quite some time, and it turns out there's a lot to talk about. So without further teasing descriptions, let's get to the good stuff to learn about the history of Benedictine. Check it out on this episode of the Tipsy Timeline

Frasier of Grapes: Winemaking in the Finger Lakes

This episode is for you The Office fans out there. In today's episode we deep-cut and answer a question that we KNOW has been on your minds: what are the Finger Lakes? Did you know that they are an American wine destination? In today's episode we discover how the Finger Lakes came to be and the important role they played in America's winemaking history. So sit back, grab a drink, and prepare for some booze flavored history. Cheers!

Cranberry Bloodletting: A Song of Sangria

Today we look into the creation and evolution of one of Wine's most favorite sisters: Sangria! Now made with fresh fruit and a splash of liquor, it started life in a much different manner. And perhaps in a different place than you realize. Find out the origin story of sangria, this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Anaphylactic Erikson: North American Wine

The Tipsy Timeline has talked a lot about the history of wine over the years; wine in Europe, the history of Champagne, even California wine. But one timeline that still needs to be told is the origin story of how wine came to be in North America. Who was the first person to look at a grape and think, "I should drink that"? (spoilers: it probably isn't aliens...probably). So come join us on this episode of the Tipsy Timeline as we chart the surprising history of North American wines. Cheers!

John "Bandito" Hancock: America's National Beverage

Today on the Tipsy Timeline we jump back to the time of the American Revolution, or rather some time before it. For it turns out there was a beloved unofficial national beverage with very official recommendations. And it very officially wasn't made in the Colonies! Find out how and why Portuguese Madeira was just so darn popular in the American colonies this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Water Losers: The Ladies Save Jamestown

Today we learn why the "good old days" weren't always all that good. Take the founding of Jamestown for instance: no women, no beer, and no fun! In today's episode we look at the death and disease that nearly ended the colony before it had a chance to begin, then we explore the arrival that saved them. All this and more in the Tipsy Timeline!

Floc-you-later: Lager Yeast

We talk a lot about beer, but we don't often talk about yeast. Specifically lager yeast. What makes it different, where did it come from, who used it first, and what DON'T we know? Find out all about lager yeast's mysterious past this week on the Tipsy Timeline!

Veuve on the Move: Champagne Pt III

It's what we've all been waiting for, the stunning conclusion to the Tipsy Timelines' very first three part history event! In this episode, we tell the tale of one of champagne's most important historical figures. We talk about her (sort of) humble beginnings and her lifelong quest to beat the odds and become one of the all champagne greats.

Tom Perignon: Champagne Pt II

It's Part Deux of the history of champagne. In this episode, we introduce the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Dom Perignon himself! You have heard the name, now it is time to meet the legend. In a surprising turn of events, we learn that the Dom may not have loved the champagne today that bears his name. We also talk about his many, many contributions to the art and craft of champagne creation. All this and more in this episode of the Tipsy Timeline - cheers!

Augustus Appleseed: Champagne Pt1

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Tipsy Timeline! To celebrate this momentous occasion we taste the stars and explore the history of the world's go-to celebratory drink: Champagne. So join us in part 1 of our three part series on the history of champagne. In this episode we will take a closer look at champagne's less than glamorous beginnings, chart its royal rise to fame, and do a little mythbusting. So grab a drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Cheers!

Pump the Worm: Draft Beer's Birth

This week we take a carbonated journey through beer's storage and wind up one of life's unasked questions. A question you probably never asked yourself. How and why did we start putting beer on draft? Were they solving a problem? Why is it still a thing? Find out the answers to this and more on today's Tipsy Timeline

Drunken White Hat: The Congressional Bootlegger

In today's Tipsy Timeline we talk about another classic political case of "laws for thee, not for me" as we talk about a notorious Washington DC character: The Man in the Green Hat. Join us as we explore the rise, fall, and rise again of Washington DC's most prolific bootlegger.

Busy Goths: Modern Wine Distribution

Imagine a world where you can ONLY buy local wine. Or only wine made in your country? Doesn't that beg the question...when did International wine trade start? Who started it? And how did certain countries pick up their international reputations for wine? The culprit may be different from what you expect. Find out the answer to all of this and more as we discuss modern(ish) wine distributions this week on The Tipsy Timeline!

Cats & Barrels: The Industrial Beer Revolution

What comes to mind when you hear the words, "Industrial Revolution"? An image of billowing black clouds smoke, vast increases in productivity at the expense of the working poor, and probably Oliver Twist. But what about beer? In this episode, we explore the chicken-and-egg relationship between the mass production of beer and the unbelievable increase in productivity of the English Industrial Revolution.  If you like this show, consider buying us a coffee (or beer) by going to https://www.patreon.com/maltsinyourmouth. 

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